Yesterday we wanted to celebrate and decided to eat out. We went to Torstrasse in Berlin where we live and tried Noto – we’re guessing north of Torstrasse.


The location is great. There is only one rectangular white room but anyhow it gets cosy. I think it is due to the open kitchen, the bar and the soft lightening. In front of the kitchen there is almost a chambre separée.

What about the food? When we were their they changed the menu every day. We shared two main courses; “Risotto with chanterelle and truffle” and “Roast beef with chanterelle and polenta”

Both dishes tasted really good and were nicely presented. The risotto was cooked to perfection – al dente. It was plentiful with chanterelle on both dishes and plentiful with truffle on the first one. I am not a big fan of polenta but it was really good – creamy, flavoured with parmesan and with the roast beef and all chanterelle it was a really good accompaniment.

We shared the only dessert on the menu, plum mousse with fresh plums and nuts. It was ok but not more.

All in all a very nice experience!

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