The economic man?

A friend in Sweden has the motto “free whisky tastes the best”. Need I say he is economical, not to say stingily. I do not consider myself stingy but after todays excursion I might reconsider.

Saturday is the local market day at Kollwitzplatz, in Berlin. The supply of mushrooms is great. Despite this we took the car and drove 100 km to Poland to buy cep. Why? Cause the prices are better. Well, that’s half the truth. We wanted to explore the eastern region of Brandenburg as well. What an experience! We passed the most depressive city I’ve ever visited in Germany – Frankfurt an der Oder – the border town.

Frankfurt an der Oder – or Mordor.

Once in Poland we bought some wonderful cep. Small whole mushrooms for 4 €/Kilo. The big ones were even cheaper – 2 €/Kilo. The next couple of days the blog will be crammed with mushrooms.

We left the Autobahn on the way home and took a detour over Märkische Schweiz. This is a funny name. Almost all German states that have a hilly ground are named … Schweiz. In Brandenburg it is a laugh. There was absolutely no difference of altitude in this part of Brandenburg compared to the surroundings. However, if we had skipped this detour we would have missed the nice bio-café in Ihlow. A farm with a café serving dishes with ingredients from the garden. My wife had a great zucchini soup and I had a delicious black pudding (made at the farm).

In all, the total costs for the mushrooms might have been a bit higher going to Poland than to the local market but the great architecture in Frankfurt an der Oder compensated for the extra costs.

Music: Listening to Autobahn with Kraftwerk


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