The sunny side of Sicily

The blog has had a two weeks vacation. We headed for Sicily (north and east coast) to enjoy Indian summer, good food and sightseeing. As a fanatic fan of ”The Godfather” a dream came true. We visited Corleone and I saw members of the mafia in each corner and found hideouts for padrones on each mountain.


To summarize the trip it was very positive and we strongly recommend Sicily. The climate is great  (25⁰C in the air and 22⁰C in the water) and the island is more beautiful than we expected. It is really hilly which gives you very beautiful views when travelling through the country. The mountains are perfect if you are into sport – for trekking and cycling enthusiasts it is very challenging.

What about the most important subject – the food. The Sicilians eat a lot of fish and their closeness to Africa has influenced the cuisine. You find a lot of couscous dishes and raisins are a common ingredients in many dishes. The fish and vegetables are of highest quality in Sicily.  Every village has a at least one fish store with a huge supply that is sold out at 11 am. Along the roads you find trucks selling fresh veggies and in the supermarket you’ll find more than 10 different kinds of tomatoes.

We had very high expectations on the restaurants and must admit we are a bit disappointed. The last trip to Italy went to Tuscany and the food there is more elegant. They use more herbs, mushrooms and different kind of meat in their dishes. Sicily serves what they produce (which is very sympathetic) and therefore at this time of the year you do not get a lot of herbs or delicacies such as truffles or wild boar.  We tried the local dishes such spaghetti with sword fish roes, spaghetti with sardines, spaghetti with eggplant and swordfish, calamari and veal roulades filled with raisins, pine nuts and ricotta. As Sopranofans we also ate the sweet cannolis. Don’t try it. The filling, made of ricotta and icing sugar was not my cup of tea.

We rented an apartment and could not keep out of the kitchen. These are the top 5 of the week.

Capo d’Orlando – view from our balcony

Our holiday was not all about food. Here are our tops to dos.

  • Etna
  • Isola Bella – close to Taormina
  • Scopello including Zingaro National Park
  • Palermo

Music: The theme of the roadtrip was Gente di Mare

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