10 most googled recipes in Sweden

Here follows the 10 most goggled recipes in Sweden. Surprisingly, not much has happened since the 80’s…

1. Tzatziki, greek yoghurt dish
2. Ugnspannkaka, a thick pancake made in the oven often with bacon
3. Flygande Jacob, a dish/ stew with chicken, bananas, peanuts, cream, bacon and chili sauce.
4. Kladdkakemuffins, mud cake cup cakes
5. Kycklingfilé i ugn, chicken fillet made in the oven
6. Kalopps, a Swedish beef stew served with beetroot
7. Korv Stroganoff, as beef Stroganoff but made with sausage instead
8. Morotskaka, carrot cake
9. Pizzadeg, pizza dough
10. Kladdig kladdkaka, sticky/ pasty mud cake

Despite all of our star chefs in Sweden this is apparently what we Swedes prefer on a daily basis.

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