Cheese or chocolat?

When we plan what to eat we always end up discussing whether we should have cheese or chocolate as dessert. That’s the beauty with a five course or a seven course than you can have both!

Cheese with fresh figs

  • 3-4 fresh Figs
  • 8 thin slices of Baguette/ loaf of french bread
  • 150 g Goat cheese
  • 2 dl Crème fraiche
  • 2 leaves of Gelatine
  • a pinch of Salt

Soak the gelatine leaves for 5 minutes in cold water. Use an electric mixer and mix goat cheese, crème fraiche and salt to a smooth cream. Let 1/2 dl of the cream come to a boil, squeeze the water out of the gelatine leaves and stir them into the warm cream until they melt. Blend the warm cream with the cold cream.

Dress a small tin or dish with plastic wrap, pour the cream and let it set in the fridge at least 6 hours before serving.

Balsamico reduction

  • 1 1/2 dl Balsamico vinegar
  • 1 dl Port
  • a pinch of Salt
  • 1 tbsp Brown sugar

Blend all the ingredients in a pot and boil until 1/2 dl remains.

Before serving cut the goat cheese cream in cubes, toast the baguette slices, cut the figs and make a nice pattern with your balsamico reduction. Done!

Chocolate ganache with liquorice ice cream (for 6 persons)

  • Cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 100 g dark Chocolate, 70% or more, cut in pieces
  • 100 g Butter, cut in pieces
  • 2 large Eggs
  • 2 large Egg yolks
  • 2,5 tbsp Sugar
  • 0,75 dl Wheat flour

Set the oven to 175 degrees C. Butter small forms (1,5 dl) and powder them with cocoa.

Melt chocolate and butter in a water bath, when melted lift up the bowl from the water. Whisk eggs, egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl. Pour the chocolate/butter mixture and blend. Sift the flour into the mixture.

Fill your forms to 3/4, put them on a baking plate and bake them for 5-6 minutes. Turn the baking plate around and bake for another 4-6 minutes or until the edges of your ganaches looks fixed and seems to let go of the form. Don’t bake them to long – the middle of the ganache shall be runny.

If you don’t want to eat your ganaches directly, you can put the forms, well wrapped in plastic, in the fridge until serving. Bake them 2 x 9 minutes instead.

Liquorice ice cream

  • 10 Egg yolks
  • 5 dl Milk
  • 5 dl Cream
  • 2,5 dl Sugar
  • 1 Vanilla Pod
  • Liquorice root/ liquorice extract or Lakritsal

Whisk egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl. Let milk, cream, vanilla pod and liquorice come to a boil. Pour the heated fluid on to the egg/sugar mixture during whisking. Warm all of it until it reaches 85 degrees C. Strain the mixture and pour it into an ice cream machine.

Serve your ganaches with the ice cream, raspberries and balsamico vinegar.

Music: Listening to a dear friends new record with his band Playful

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