SOLD OUT – World premiere for Berlin BetaDinners!

First of all I have to pinch myself, because over the course of the last weeks a big dream actually came true and the only missing part is you: the guests. What is it all about? Paul, Paul and I will organize our first BetaDinner and you are invited. It’s all about great food, awesome people, substantial drinks and a hell of a time.

You should join us on March 5th, 2011 to the first BetaDinner in Berlin Kreuzberg – doors open from 19:30h.

What will happen? We will invite 20 of you for a dinner and there are only two things you need to know: Make sure you want to have a great time with awesome people and bring a friend. Not just a friend, but a friend with another passport, than yours. If you are German, bring your Italian neighbor, if you are from Norway, bring someone from Brazil… etc.

By doing that, we will be 40 people from X countries on a huge table and we will all have a great night out. We will prepare three courses that you will like – we promise! Of course there will be wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany the food.

What do you have to do to be part of the night? Sorry it is SOLD OUT but if you send us a mail we will put you on the waiting list.

1. Write us an email to The first 20 people + international friends are in.

2. Wait for the confirmation-Email and send 20 EUR per person to our bank-account. (…it’s all in the Mail)

3. You will receive an Email on Friday, March 4th, with the Menu and the address to the location.

Since we don’t want to earn a single cent, but simply have a great time, we are able to cook three courses for just 20 Euro, but also need that money in advance. You will choose and pay for your drinks at the BetaDinner. The restaurant and we will make sure, prices are fair and you get a great deal.

By the way: The dinner is for people who love everything, there is no vegetarian meal. Nothing can go wrong if you love to eat and love to be around great people. Then, and that’s a promise, you will have a night to remember – we can’t wait for your emails.

You will find this post on Paul’s Blog in German as well – just in case you want to forward this to some of your German friends.

P.S. If you would like to come, but your friends from abroad can’t make it, just post that in a comment and check out the comments on Paul’s Blog – maybe someone is there without a partner as well and you guys can go together!

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