GoodFellas – honest food

There is always a discussion going on whether France or Italy has the best cuisine. I am not sure either of them is the answer. What I do know is that the honest french bistro deserves every appreciation. A restaurant that has oysters, snails, foie gras, steak frites, mussels, steak tartar on the menu is a restaurant to return to. A good french bistro uses the best ingredients to serve non-complicated wonderful dishes.

Last week we visited Fellas in Stargarder Strasse (Prenzlauer Berg). A restaurant that among others serves some french bistro dishes. We both had the classic steak frites with bearnaise sauce. We got a wonderful pieces of entrecote, perfectly grilled, a tasty bearnaise with a nice touch of estragon. The fries were thin sticks which is not my choise of fries. In all a very good experience.

Inspired by the visit at Fellas, today we grilled a nice piece of steak and served it with chanterelle and a potatoes au gratin. Of course we had a tomato salad aside. A nice burgundy made the dinner complete.

Music: Listened to Charles Aznavour

2 thoughts on “GoodFellas – honest food

  1. Saw this post this afternoon after just having returned from a couple of hours in the forests near Trosa….brought back 2 kilos of the forest gold…and this post gave some good inspiration for part of my harvest….;-D

    • Tror jag maste ta en titt förbi Trosa nästa gang jag är i närheten. Verkar finnas en sjö full av aborrar, en skog full av kantareller och en stuga vars kylskap är fullt av öl.

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