Döner – probably the best fast food in the world.

The germans eat 720 millions Döner each year. 720 Millions! We help keep up this number. The Döner is the perfect fast food. The dish is said to be invented in Berlin in the early 70s by a turkish emigrant. It contains everything that you need; veal, different vegetables, bread and sauce. It would probably be exaggerated to state it is healthy, but it must be healthier than a McD meal or a pizza.

Döner is the king of the night when heading home from the party, but in contrary to most other “party-food” it is even more tasty when your sober. One of my friends had 9 döners in 3 days when he visited Berlin. That is impressive but yesterday on the Döner Fair (!) people had 6-7 Döners in 20 min. The fact that Berlin has a Döner Fair show how serious they are about this meal. On the fair you could have a chat with different producers of Döner caravans, clothes, motors for the meat, cutting tools and of course producers of meat, bread and Ayram. All food was for free and that was probably the main reason for the huge crowd.

If you have no clue why all this fuzz about Döner. Visit Berlin and order a “Kalbsdöner mit scharfer Sauce” at Schlemmerbuffet and you will understand.

Music: On the fair all döners were accompanied by Tarkan

2 thoughts on “Döner – probably the best fast food in the world.

  1. OMG – just got back from a three day visit in Berlin and managed to squeeze in two stops at the Schlemmerbuffet. Used to go with the garlic sauce – or as a tribute to the Swedish/Norrköping Döner tradition; a “mix” between mild/herbs sauce and red sauce. Now, thanks to this eye-opening blogg post, i finally crossed the line and went for the Scharf. Feels like I’m re-born.

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