A great start of the year!

We haven’t been that active at all on the blog the last couple of weeks. One reason is that we went to Sweden to celebrate Christmas and had lots to prepare. Each year we are having a traditional Swedish julbord (buffet), and you should fill up at least 10 different plates. My favorite is the herring and in my family, this is where we put our focus. This year we served eight different marinated herrings. Unfortunately we had too much snaps, so there were only very blurry photos. We’ll try again next year.

When back in Berlin we were really tired of herring, ham, meatballs, etc and therefore payed our local butcher Filetstück a visit. We bought two huge dry aged entrecôtes, wich we grilled and served with a handful of fried padrones, salt and pepper. So easy but so tasty! We promise to blog more actively in the future.

Entrecote with padrones

Music: Listening to Happy New Year by Abba

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