We made sushi

We have made sushi at home before and it is not that hard as it seems. We went to our local fish store, Frische Paradies, and bought sashimi tuna, salmon and smoked halibut.

For nigiri we made it easy with salmon and tuna, but for the makis we experimented a bit.

We made four different makis:

  1. Avocado, shrimps, spring onion, cucumber
  2. Smoked halibut, spring onion, sesame seeds, black radish
  3. Salmon marinated in beer and soy sauce, homemade mayonnaise with liquid smoke, cucumber, spring onion
  4. Tuna, homemade mayonnaise, spring onion

Smoked halibut maki

Served of course with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger, gari. We wanted to try an inside-out maki but didn’t dare, maybe next time. Definitely next time!

Music: Listening to the German group Alphaville and their hit