Cheesus, Västerbotten!

Ok, I admit I am biased but this must be one of the top 5 cheeses in the world. The cheese has been produced since 1872 up in the far north of Sweden in a small village called Burträsk in the district of Västerbotten. There of the name Västerbotten cheese. In this part of the world the winter is extremely dark and therefore I am glad they have this cheese to enjoy on the darkest days. BerlinNord (18 von 107)


Västerbotten is a must have on the table when you throw a crayfish party but it is also used in lots of other dishes in Sweden. Best of all though, is to enjoy the cheese with just some berries. During the Pop Up NordenBerlin we served it with blueberries.

Music: Listened to Wannadies

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